I am indeed Terry Adlam and I write comedy, therefore I guess I'm a comedy writer.  I write comedy scripts, comedy sketches, comedy plays, comedy books, comedy stories, comedy speeches and anything you can prefix with the word comedy.

I've had numerous sketches on TV, Radio and the Stage both here and there, I've had plays tread the boards round and about, I've had three joke books published now and then and I'm available for work as and when.

I also created and directed 80's cult classic Dick Spanner and I'm going to shut up now so that you can have a wander round my website and see... 



This month, after 26 and a half years, I was made redundant from my day job. Bit of a shock, but also quite exciting as I embark on a new chapter in my career.  I am looking for work on either a freelance, full-time or part-time basis, so please continue to enjoy my website, but if you think, 'Hang about, Terry, with all his experience and enthusiasm could be very useful to me or my company' then please contact me.

Many thanks and here's to 2018!



Dick Spanner P.I. has been given and wash and brush up and re-released on DVD with some great extras including 'The Case of The Screaming Dame' a brand new two-part animatic!

Get you copy now from by just clicking here.  You know it won't be another dumb move!

This Month

 Started rehearsals on 'Spamalot' which is to be performed in May at The Wilde Theatre, South Hill Park, Bracknell

 To celebrate their 50th year, Slough Writers produced this 'Gold' Anthology.' which includes my story 'I was that close'. More details at Slough Writers

Last Month

I was a special guest on the Christmas edition of FAB LIVE theYou Tube monthly podcast for all things Gerry Anderson related .  Click here to see the episode.

Slough Writers, Wycombe Sound and Radio Christmas teamed up again to present a selection of festive stories and poems to be broadcast during the Mid Morning Show in the week leading up to and including Christmas Day.  I narrated one of the stories and also had my own story 'The Christmas Fayre of Little Whipinshall' included.  

  Reviewed 'Beauty and the Beast.' at South Hill Park  for The Maidenhead Advertiser.  Read my last three reviews here.

 Wrote my 56th Column for the Maidenhead Advertiser.  This column was promoting a local community cafe. Read all my columns here.

Did You Know...

  My book ''TEN FOR TWO' is available.  Ten Original Acts for Beginners and Established Ventriloquists, that top comedy ventriloquist  Jimmy Tamley said about, 'At last someone who can write for vents!'  The book is exclusively available from The Puppet Hut.  For more details click here.

'Ten for Two' also has its own Facebook page here.  Like it, if you like!


You can read an article on my days on Terrahawks written by model maker David Sisson and on his very interesting website.  To take a closer look, click here.

  I have a new one act play called 'Make Up' available on the Lazybeescripts.com website.  For more details click here.

  'Dick Spanner'  has his own Facebook page.  It's here https://www.facebook.com/DickSpannerPI Go and have a look you know it won't be another dumb move!

 My one-act play 'Karaoke Nights' is still available to buy from Lazy Bee Scripts. A recent review said 'This one act play overflows with fine quickfire adult humour which clicks effortlessly into tragedy made all the more startlingly heart-breaking because we have become so close to the well drawn characters and laughed along with them. With inspired use of the karaoke theme this play has us laughing and crying in equal measure.' 'Karaoke Nights' is now available to buy from here.

 Don't forget that you can also see what I'm up to on Facebook & Twitter.  Just use the links at the bottom of this page or on the contact page and come along and say hello.

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