2018 - Wycombe Sound

Volunteer theatre reviewer for Wycombe Sound.  Recent gigs have included 'Strangers on a Train', 'Dracula - The Bloody Truth', 'Monstersaurus', 'The Play That Goes Wrong' and 'Awful Auntie'

2009 - Present - Monthly Columnist in the Maidenhead Advertiser

One of the 8 winners of a competition to become a monthly columnist in the new look Maidenhead Advertiser. My first lighthearted 'look at life' column appeared in the October the 1st edition 2009 and have appeared regularly since. Read all my columns here.

2006 - Present - Maidenhead Advertiser

Volunteer theatre reviewer for the Maidenhead Advertiser.  Recent gigs have included 'Romeo & Juliet', 'The Mercy Seat', 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Son of a Preacher Man', 'Blackadder', Hancock's Half Hour', 'The Phantom of the Opera' , The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' and 'Jerusalem', Read all my and most recent reviews at www.maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk and click on 'Entertainment', then 'Theatre'  or read my last three reviews here.

1990 - Present - Slough Writers

Proud Chair of this enthusiastic and prolific writers group and have recently spent 26 happy years in the position.  Find out more about Slough Writers at www.sloughwriters.org.uk

2017 - Second place in the Slough Writers 'Emotional Monologue' Summer Competition

A monologue called 'Beautiful Morning'. A man contemplates his suicide.

2014 - Highly Commended in the Slough Writers 'Crime Short Story' Competition

A short story entitled 'Scenes of a Crime.'

2012 - Progress Theatre

Reviewed Reading's Progress Theatre's 7th Writefest Showcase for their website. The review can be read here.

2012 - Second place in the Slough Writers 'Obsession' Poetry Collection Competition

'Daily Obsessions' - Three poems about OCD. Read them here

2012 - False Advertising Website

Contributor to this satirical and spoof advertising website.

2011 - Third place in the Slough Writers 'After The Wedding' Poetry Competition

'After The Wedding' - A poem about life?  Read it here. and see it performed at www.sloughwriters.org.uk

2010 - Best of British - August Edition

'House of Horrors'- An article about the history and legacy of Bray Studios is published in this national monthly nostalgia magazine . This studio famous for being the home of the Hammer films is facing it''s biggest terror... demolition and development. The magazine is availble from all good newsagents or from the 'Best of British' website here.

2010 - Runner Up in the Slough Writers Pastiche Short Story Competition

'The Fete of Littlewhippshall' - An pastiche on the writing of Mickey Spillane takes second place in the Slough Writers 'Pastiche Short Story competition. Read It here.

2009 - Runner Up in the Slough Writers 'Best of British' Article Competition

'Young Wisdom' - An article about the childhood of comic legend Sir Norman Wisdom takes second place in the Slough Writers 'Best of British; article competition. Read it here

2009 - OO7 Magazine - Issue #51

Excerpt from my, yet to be picked up by a publisher, book about the humour in the James Bond films called 'Ho, Ho, Seven - 700 007 Comedy Moments' printed in issue #51 of OO7 Magazine. This is a high quality, well produced, Bond enthusiast magazine and well worth a look at. If you would like to buy a copy of issue #51 then you'd best hurry as there are only 18 copies left before it goes out of print.  So what are you waiting for? Click here for much more info on  OO7 Magazine

2009 - Slough Writers 'Writer of the Year' 2009

At the 2009 Slough Writers AGM I was voted 'Writer of the Year' by the members. More details at www.sloughwriters.org.uk

2009 - Winner of the Slough Writers 'Vile Verse' Poetry Competiton

'My Daddy's Bottom's Speaks.' - A poem for children, judge by children. Read it here

2009 - Best of British - May Edition

'Simply Eric & Ernie' - An article on the Morecambe & Wise published in this national monthly nostalgia magazine and now here for you to read with kind permission from Best of British. What do you think of it so far?

2008 - Winner of the Slough Writers Radio Play Competiton

'The Train Now Standing' A play about bullying set in Slough. This play is available on www.one-act-plays.co.uk

2008 - 007 Magazine Online

'Through a Glass Darkly'. An article on matte artist and former employer, Cliff Culley. Read the article here.

2008 - Winner of the Slough Writers 2008 Short Story Competition

'I was that Close' Short story of a man who witnessed the murder of John Lennon. Read the story

2002 - 2008 - Oh, Oh Seven - 700 007 Comedy Moments

80,000 word non-fiction book looking at all the comedy moments in the James Bond films from Doctor No to Die Another Day, Currently being touted around various publishers. If your interested in publishing this original take on the Bond franchise or want to read some sample chapters, contact me now. Contact me

2007 - 40 Years - Write On

Award winning short story 'Meticulously Planned' is included in this anthology to celebrate 40 years of Slough Writers.

2006 - 007 Magazine Online

'Before Bond' An article about Ian Fleming before he started writing the Bond novels.

2004 - Winner of the Slough Writers 2004 Article Competition

'Personal Attack' An article about living with Terrorism.

2003 - Winner of the Slough Writers 2003 Short Story Competition

'Meticulously Planned' A Short story of a man who broke into the British Museum to put back a stolen exhibit.

1998 - A Poem For Slough - Slough Express

'Chocolate Aroma' Runner Up in a competition to write a poem about Slough.

1996 - Story Cellar

'Just Another Daye' A short story published in this national short story magazine.

1995 - Winner of the Slough Writers 1995 Article Competition

'Media Indifference' An article about the conflict in Bosina. This article was published in 'Hrvatski Glasnik' a newsletter for Bosinains living in the UK.

1994 - Poetry Now South 94

'Pretty Young Thing' A poem published in this popular poetry annual.

1993 - Winner of the Slough Writers 1993 Short Story Competition

'All Our Burgers Are' A short story about a commercial for burgers.

1991 - The Photographer

'Fighting The Recession' An article about how small corporate video companies are surviving the recession.