Have a look - and laugh - at some of the stuff I've been involved in...

 Article on my days on Terrahawks written by model maker David Sisson and on his very interesting website.  To take a closer look, click here.

  On-line article about Me and Dick Spanner published on-line by Cinetropolis, who claime to have been talking rubbish about films since 2012!  Visit the site and read the article here.

January 2012 - Watch me and the other winners of the Slough Writers 'After The Wedding' poerty competition introduce our poems and then hear them read by judge and performance poet, Jonathan Steffen at

November 2011 -  'AIM' the video of the performance of this play is available to watch on in two parts on You Tube at WARNING: Does contain Adult material and the first two and a half minutes are out of focus, (I only write them, not film them) but stick with it

 December 2010 - Brighton's local TV station, Latest TV reports on the 10th Anniversay Treason Show.

 February 2010 - 'Nick or Eric?' sketch for The Treason Show (Sorry about the echo, Teckky problem at source?)